Welcome Nomads.

Now you may be a part of this great people and have your own little Yurt in your house. You will spend some fun with your friends and kids and will contribute to Nomadic heritage for future generations.

The Uni-Yurt is a fun, unique, DIY model of an authentic yurt. You can build a yurt just like the ones nomadic people in Central Asia have been using for centuries.


Made in Kyrgyzstan with authentic materials and textile designs, the kit comes with all the pieces shaped just like the real-life components for full-size yurts. The kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions, and it provides just enough complexity to appreciate what goes into these beautiful, iconic homes.


A Uni-Yurt makes a wonderful gift for your family or friends, and kids can enjoy building their own yurts for their imaginary landscapes. They provide a unique educational experience about nomadic life and technology.

Bring the nomadic life into your home by building your own little Uni-Yurt today.


Uni Yurt – Ethnic Souvenir from Kyrgyzstan


  • Materials : Polyester, Plastic
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