Post winter update and future plans

November 16, 2017
Hello, my faithful followers. I am sorry I made you wait for this post. A lot of things happened since my last update. In short, I lost my consulting...

The First Day of Spring, Finally.

April 17, 2017
Hello, my dear readers. It’s time to reflect on the last 5 winter months. It was wonderful at times to see fresh snow falling from grey skies and to...

Thermoelectric power for the yurt! I almost got it!

January 4, 2017
Hello, my faithful readers! *I will be making a video post on this subject with all the details of this less-than-successful journey and will only outline my basic findings and...

Getting ready for winter. Wood stove in a yurt. UPD-Propane heater added

October 22, 2016
Hello, my dear readers. *UPDATE Jan 2017 Unfortunately the small wood stove that I got is not enough for my poorly insulated dwelling. When the temp went down to...

Yurt living part 3 – Small yurt setup. Quick update

August 22, 2016
Hello my dear readers. It’s time for a quick update. Small Yurt addition. As I mentioned earlier, I purchased a small ger in addition to my traditional Kazakh yurt....

Kochevnik project – The art of taking it slow

August 4, 2016
The art of taking it slow In the past I rushed into ambitious and difficult projects. Sometimes foolishly brave and I lost more battles than won, but those wins...