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Hi. My name is Vlad:

I was born in the Soviet Union and woke up in Kazakhstan. During my 36 years, I’ve lived in and travelled to 30 countries – my first big move was to Canada in 2002, and in 2008 I decided to move to Southeast Asia. In 2013, I moved to Montreal for a very cold winter, and eventually settled in Ottawa in 2015. more


Yurt living part 3 – Small yurt setup. Quick update

Add August 22, 2016, by Kochevnik
Hello my dear readers. It’s time for a quick update. Small Yurt addition. As I mentioned earlier, I purchased a small ger in addition to my traditional Kazakh yurt....

Kochevnik project – The art of taking it slow

Add August 4, 2016, by Kochevnik
The art of taking it slow In the past I rushed into ambitious and difficult projects. Sometimes foolishly brave and I lost more battles than won, but those wins...

Yurts in Netflix’s “Marco Polo”

Add July 12, 2016, by Kochevnik
Greetings, my dear readers. Ever since I started to learn about and live in the yurt, I can’t stop noticing them in my daily life. I started watching a new...

Yurt living, Part 2: Setting up a Kazakh Yurt

Add June 8, 2016, by Kochevnik
Greetings, my fellow readers! In this post, I will try to summarize steps involved in setting up a traditional Kazakh (turkic) yurt. Setting up the skeleton Kerege (walls) First...
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Yurt’s decoration – practical, colorful and comfortable

April 29, 2016
The inside of the yurt is divided into the modules; each of them, according to the tradition, has its own domestic function. Space near the door is called bosaga...

Inner space and symbolism of the Kazakh yurt

February 17, 2016
In the process of adaptation in the ecosystem and creation of economic and cultural products, nomads have created the masterpiece of global civilization – the yurt. In a way,...

Decorative Arts And Crafts Of The Kazakh – Felting -Video with English subtitles

September 29, 2015
We just posted a video with English subtitles on Felt making. Transcribed below Decorative Arts And Crafts Of The Kazakh Felting Art Among varieties of Kazakh folk arts and...

Kazakh carpets – History and tradition

September 15, 2015
Translated article from here In the economy of the Kazakhs, along with cattle breeding, low commodity farming (based on the primitive methods of land cultivation and tools), fishing, and, to...